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Springfontein Wine Estate is pleased to announce the much-anticipated seasonal reopening of Wortelgat, the estate’s fine dining restaurant, set amidst the picturesque landscapes of Stanford village near Hermanus. This season, Wortelgat unveils from December 2023 to May 2024, a new chapter in its story, driven by the culinary bravery of the esteemed Chef Janine van der Nest.

Celebrated for her down-to-earth mastery of local flavours, Janine invites gourmets on a remarkable gastronomic journey, expressing a part of her life through an exquisite line up of courses. The menu’s central theme follows a concept aptly named “Contrasts” by skilfully weaving together the tapestry of Janine’s childhood memories. Her approach is an ode to nostalgia, blending the youngster’s early experiences at the parents’ oven with the evolved version of herself. As she explains:

“Each dish on the menu encapsulates moments of joy, sorrow, humbleness, adventure, and triumph of spirit, creating an extraordinary culinary narrative that resonates with both the palate and the heart.”

The collaboration between Springfontein and Chef Janine goes beyond the plate, with an exclusive wine & food pairing showcasing Springfontein wines.

Wortelgat promises an unparalleled dining experience, where each bite tells a special story, and each sip is a journey through the unique terroir of Springfontein” adds Janine, underlying the synergetic relationship between her delectable dishes and the wines of the estate which for nearly thirty years has made it its mission to develop the unique soil of maritime limestone viticulturally under its own cool-climate monopoly appellation “Springfontein Rim”.

Culinary enthusiasts can anticipate a symphony of aromas where the core ambassador “wine” is emphasized all along the epicurean journey, with harmonious blend of flavours.

“We are not just sending our unique wine message to the world; we are inviting people to experience the spirit of Springfontein directly. It’s about extending the terroir principle to the culinary level,” says Dr Johst Weber, Springfontein Wine Estate’s founder & CEO.

About Springfontein Wine Estate:

Springfontein was founded in 1994 by Dr Johst Weber, with the vision to create a “free-spirited place that involved family and friends around wine as a unifying product that offers a combination of nature and human craftsmanship”. Springfontein is regarded as one of South Africa’s hidden gems, producing award-winning organic wines.

About Chef Janine Van der Nest:

Chef Janine is a celebrated local chef in the Overberg known for her passion for storytelling through food with a harmonious fusion of nostalgia and evolution. Her humility and respect for the local community are reflected not only in her creations but also in the collaborative environment she fosters at Wortelgat kitchen. 


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