Springfontein Wine Estate

The “House of Joy”

“Ulumbaza” means “House of Joy”, and this is the farm’s more than 200-year-old thatched stable, where today we serve not only the wines of the same name, but all available ones from Springfontein. The ULUMBAZA Wine Bar(n) is our main domestic sales point for all Springfontein and Cape Moby wines.

The Springfontein family invites you to guided or independent tastings, to take along whole bottles or cases.

Head-chef Janine and her team offer a great variety of meals, from a few classics (e.g., a local version of Fish & Chips) to local dishes, you would usually not find on the menu of a restaurant (e.g., Pigs-Head Terrine). Something to accompany the wine, but also something to enjoy to the fullest on its own.

In addition, we organize Live-Music concerts with selected local musicians, and Wine evenings at irregular intervals. Check our Facebook-Page for updates!


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