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Thanks for a great season! Please note that Wortelgat is closed for the winter months. The opening date for the new season will be shared soonest.

About Wortelgat

Concept: Contrasts 

The season of contrasts has begun at Wortelgat, with Chef Janine van der Nest taking us on a personal journey through some of her childhood memories. Joy, sorrow, humbleness, adventure, and triumph of spirit are to be found in the stories and flavors that unfold on your plates and palates, without doubt promising a culinary highlight. 

The Springfontein family is extremely proud to not only showcase our terroir in the glass, but also on the plate. Simple and honest ingredients, foraged from Springfontein Rim’s extensive marsh and fynbos landscapes, integrated to dishes of pure perfection.

Wine & Food Pairing

In an elegant dance between the two, wine and food compliment each other, enhancing flavors and Springfontein’s unique limestone terroir to the fullest extent. In a rhythmic back and forth, during some courses the wine is the lead, while in return some special varietals from Springfontein’s cellar have been selected to complement the food during other courses. In either case, all 5, 7 or 9 dances (courses), will make a match in heaven.

Opening Times

– To be announced for the 2025 season –

Menu Prices (2024)

– subject to changes –

Wine & Food – 5 courses – R 975 (R 590 w/o wine) – Lunch only! (except Sunday)

Wine & Food – 7 courses – R 1,125 (R 690 w/o wine)

Wine & Food – 9 courses – R 1,375 (R 990 w/o wine)

Start Your Culinary Journey

Booking is mandatory. Reservation and information.

Email:  reservations@springfontein.co.za 
Phone: +27 28 341 0444    


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