Springfontein Wine Estate

“It is today, 8 July 2022, at the end of which we have to say farewell to a very special Springfonteiner. It is today that we must give a summarising thank you to this unique individual, Tariro Masayiti. I am unquestionably one of the first in line of those who feel obliged to perform this pleasant duty.

As day-to-day business’ General Manager and as “winemaker” in the cellar, Mister T, as he likes to be called affectionately, has been at my side for almost 10 years and now, for quite some while, also at the side of my combatant, other half and Springfontein’s Head Vigneronne, Jeanne Vito. Well, we don’t “make” wines at Springfontein, but strive for bottling what our planted vines produce in combination with our special terroir, as close to nature as possible and to the extreme. However, we could not have wished for a better partner in this kind of oenological midwifery than Mister T.

With the highest possible commitment, the greatest possible loyalty, and exceptional professional competence, Tariro has decisively and continuously helped to constructively implement the sometimes seemingly crazy ideas of how such obstetrics can take place, to name just two: “intracellular fermentation” and “several months after fermentation mash soaking time”. No suggestion seemed too audacious to Tariro and he did not shy away from these proposals, always willing to share the try. Killer arguments like “that’s not possible” or “nobody does that” have never been introduced to us, and are simply not part of his vocabulary.

Tariro has also made a significant contribution to ensure that we do not need an immediate successor for him in Jeanne’s team with Francois de Jager and Schalk van der Westhuizen, the next generation of Springfonteiners already keen to test the limits of feasibility even further with the enthusiasm of the younger age under Jeanne’s direction. They will continue to live Springfontein’s motto: not just going the extra mile, but looking beyond. The ground for such a runway would not be sufficiently paved without Tariro Masayiti’s work. Many a rut, many a track, here is his.

Tariro, all of us remaining Springfonteiners with all our hearts wish that your next step, from forthcoming Monday on, not least to take entrepreneurial responsibility elsewhere, will be a successful one.  Without a doubt, luck is always part of it, but without any doubt, you certainly do not lack any of the other basic prerequisites.”

Dr Johst Hinrich Weber


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